Using APRSdroid offline with OpenStreetMap

Today I want to explain how you can use APRSdroid with the maps of OpenStreetMap. The OSM maps have to be downloaded and installed before using. No internet connection is needed to use the maps then.
The steps are fairly easy and can be completed fast. The download of the map can – depending on the internet connection – take some time.

  1. Allow the installation of Apps from unknown sources
    The setting can often be found in settings / security. The installation of Apps from unknown sources has to be enabled, because the OSM version of APRSdroid cannot be installed via Google Play Store
  2. Download the APK file from
    It is best to download the file directly to your Android device.  Following this, you install the App.
  3. Download of maps from
    All of Germany uses somewhat space, but if you only need a single state, can save some space.
  4. Choose the map in the APRSdroid settings
    Pretty far down, you have to choose the map file at “Map File name”. Done.

I work at a IT service organisation and mostly administrate mailservers and linux servers. I am currently engaged with VHF / UHF, APRS and HAMNET. In addition, I am gaining experience in antenna construction.

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  1. Bill Anderson

    Map source link isnt working

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